Our Modern Classics

Described as “the nautical equivalent of a Stradivarius” by Yachting World Magazine, M-Series yachts with their long overhangs, breathtaking lines and elegant charm are the perfect marriage of timeless classic design, modern performance innovations and flawless Morris heirloom quality.

All M-Series yachts have been designed in partnership with Sparkman & Stephens to deliver performance sailing that is fun and comfortable in classic style.

The new X-Type package is available in three M-Series models, M29x, M36x and M42x, and adds a new level of enhanced sailing performance and driver feedback for owners who want a little more under the hood.

Whether sailing with the family or singlehanded, sailing couldn’t be any easier or more fun than on our M-Series. With their self-tacking jibs and control lines led aft to the helmsman, M-Series are designed to help you make the most of your precious time on the water.